Saturday, May 19, 2012

Elizabeth Warren is the Real Deal

As published in the Eagle Tribune on 05/11/12
In a recent front page story, the Sunday Eagle Tribune missed an opportunity to introduce its readers to Elizabeth Warren, candidate for the US Senate. The story could have highlighted her challenges of growing up in a struggling middle class family and the family values she learned that helped shape her character. The story could have detailed her understanding of the value of hard work at an early age and the economic pressures facing middle class families. You could have told your readers about her getting a university degree, and raising a family and going to law school. Your readers would then have understood that that she started off in life in difficult economic circumstances, but also with the hope and promise of aspiring to greatness in America. 

Instead, you provided your readers with nearly a full page about the intricacies of how Native American ethnicity is established in America. 

I met Elizabeth Warren last summer and had the opportunity to discuss with her the major economic issues confronting the US today. Believe me, she is the real deal. She is on our side.
Elizabeth has been a law professor for nearly 20 years and has written nine books, including two national best-sellers, and more than a hundred articles. Elizabeth served as Chair of the Congressional Oversight Panel for the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP). Her independent and tireless efforts helped protect taxpayers, held Wall Street accountable, and provided tough oversight of both the Bush and Obama Administrations. She was named Bostonian of the Year in 2009 for her oversight efforts.

She had the political courage to take on the congressmen and senators who could care less about the middle class and served as the primary driving force to create the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau—a helping hand to many Americans who have been impacted by predatory lenders and confusing banking policies.

Over the past several weeks, her republican opponent has claimed to be a political moderate. But here is how he voted: NO to a jobs bill, NO to keeping student loan interest rates low, NO to eliminating tax breaks for the oil industry, and NO to requiring high income individuals to pay their fair share of taxes. Does that sound like a moderate to you? 

Elizabeth Warren remembers the struggles of the middle class—she lived through them. As Senator, she will be there to watch your back, to stand up to the congressmen and senators who do the bidding of corporate lobbyists, and to bring together a coalition of her senate colleagues to find ways to create new jobs and help rebuild the middle class one dream at a time. 

Actions speak louder than words. Elizabeth Warren is the real deal.

John F. Zipeto
Andover, MA