Saturday, June 23, 2012

What Has Obama Done?

How many times have you read or heard from people who claim that President Obama " has done nothing" during his 3 years in office. Well, you can respond with a remarkable list of accomplishments. Use them to write your own letters, or as a response to know nothing political activists. The list is by no means complete, but it will give you plenty of content to use in your discussions.

Increased auto efficiency standards
Assassinated Osama bin Ladin
Passed air toxic regulations under the Clean Air Act
Ended the Iraq War
Eliminated the need for Interior Department approval for development on Indian Reservations
Passed historic health care legislation --Affordable Healthcare Act
20 year ban on new mining claims on one million acres near the Grand Canyon
Reducing defense budget by eliminating two Army brigades from Europe.
Rejected Keystone XL pipeline project on 1/18/2012 due to an unrealistic approval deadline imposed by Congress. Canada can resubmit proposal at a later time.
Reformed School Lunch Program to increase nutritional standards for students and lower caloric and fat levels.
Establish a mortgage program enabling qualified mortgage holders to rewrite loans at lower rates to avoid foreclosure.
Pushing to end military role in Afghanistan in 2013.
Signed the new START Treaty in 2010 that mandates a reduction of long range nuclear weapons to 1,550 by Feb. 2018.
Education reform--Race to the Top-- Increase in student achievement standards in 46 states.
Reformed the Student Loan Program to streamline funding and eliminate overhead costs imposed by lenders.
Patient's Bill of Rights
Drug discounts for Senior Citizens
[ ] Successful bailout of the US auto industry. Loans have been paid back and the industry is investing in new plants and technology.
DADT was repealed.
The President signed the Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act.
The President signed the Lili Ledbetter Fair Pay Act.
The President appointed two new Associate Justices to the Supreme Court
US will pay $ 1 billion to 41 Native American tribes in a settlement for long standing grievances including land mismanagement and unlawful use of properties.
Obama signed the JOBS Act into law. Provides for crowd funding for small businesses.
Declared that same sex marriage should be legalized. (May, 2012).
The President proposed to reduce air quality standard for fine soot particles from 15 ug/m3 to 12-13 ug/m3.
The President limits the deportation of young immigrants.