Monday, August 27, 2012

Scott Brown: Taxpayer subsidies for Big Oil are OK

According to published reports, the four largest transnational oil companies reported $ 139 billion in profits last year. But even with these highly profitable companies, the US taxpayers still subsidize the oil industry with about $ 64 billion. When the US Senate recently voted to eliminate the taxpayer subsidies for oil companies, Scott Brown sided with the oil industry and voted to disapprove the bill.

Scott Brown claims to be a political moderate. His record on the taxpayer subsidy bill for oil companies demonstrates otherwise. He claims to support the best interests of Massachusetts voters. But a big tax giveaway to Big Oil—is that in our best interests?

I think not.

Here’s one way for Scott Brown to really demonstrate his support for the best interests of Massachusetts voters: be a real job creator. He should convince his republican colleagues in the US Senate to redirect Big Oil tax subsidies to building highways, bridges, water and sewer lines, ports and harbors, and internet infrastructure. By investing in America, thousands of new jobs in Massachusetts will help jumpstart the economy. A renewed demand for goods and services will enable small businesses in Massachusetts to hire new employees and further stimulate the economy.

Scott Brown’s wealthy “job creator” friends have been sitting around for almost four years now, not creating good paying jobs. Scott Brown has also blocked virtually every jobs creating bill that has been considered by the US Senate in the past two years.

So, here’s the big choice: go with Scott Brown and retain tax breaks for Big Oil, or redirect taxpayer subsidies to create new jobs and watch people with paychecks in their pockets stimulate the economy and create more jobs. This choice is a really a no-brainer.

Whether it is wishful thinking or just blind ideology, Scott Brown is moving Massachusetts in the wrong direction—job killing instead of job creating.

Scott Brown thinks that more tax cuts for wealthy Americans are the only way to create jobs. The trickle down theory was tried in the early 1980’s under Reagan. It didn’t work then and it isn’t working now. Let’s stop subsidizing Big Oil and start investing in Americans—let’s put them back to work.

John F. Zipeto
14 Canterbury Street
Andover, MA 01810