Friday, October 19, 2012

Mitt Romney: Bad for Massachusetts, Bad for America

Since the first Presidential debate, Mitt Romney has been extolling his
record as Massachusetts Governor (from 2002- 2006). But an independent
study concluded that Massachusetts was among the lowest-performing states
during that period. Romney's failed policies resulted in an approval rating
of 34% when he left office! Contrary to Romney's promises, spending cuts
alone did not fix the state's economy, did not create jobs, did not protect
the middle class, and did not promote economic growth. Responding to these
draconian cuts, municipalities raised property taxes on average 24%.
Sweeping state fee increases further raised middle class taxes.

His promised "second to none in the history of the state" job creation
program was anemic. During his 4 years, Massachusetts nationally ranked 47
out of 50 for job growth, new job growth was less than 1%, 14,000
manufacturing jobs were lost, and unemployment remained significantly higher
than average.

His bipartisan claims similarly proved empty. He issued a whopping 800
legislative vetoes and had little involvement with even Republican state

During his last two years, Romney effectively quit his job in order to
pursue his Presidential ambitions. His more than 100 out-of-state trips cost
taxpayers some $200,000. More significantly, he had morphed from a
moderate to a very conservative Romney.

As Massachusetts residents, we have seen Romney up-close as a government
CEO. Mitt Romney was bad for Massachusetts in 2006. There is no reason to
believe that he will be any better for America in 2013.

Lois Karfunkel
John Zipeto
Andover, Massachusetts