Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Scott Brown on women's issues: not a moderate

Scott Brown claims to be a moderate Republican. However, I have found that
he says one thing, but his US Senate voting record suggests an entirely
different ideology. His nearly perfect voting record against women's health
care and equal pay suggests an allegiance to a right wing conservative
ideology that is at odds with the best interests of women in Massachusetts.

Scott Brown opposes the Affordable Care Act which provides for diagnostic
medical services for women, such as mammograms and cancer screening tests.
While Scott Brown believes that we need to get big government out of our
lives, he is ready to impose government restrictions on extremely personal
and private decisions women make every day regarding birth control and
family planning. Scott Brown voted to allow employers authority to
arbitrarily restrict health care coverage, including birth control and
family planning services. Scott Brown has also voted against a bill that
would support equal pay for equal work.

Scott Brown, along with a majority of the republican members of the US House
of Representatives and US Senate, wants to turn back the clock on the
advancement of women's rights that has been achieved over the past 50 years.
In my view, Scott Brown has not voted as a moderate in the US Senate on a
wide range of issues from Wall Street to health care to the environment.
Please look beyond the "nice guy" image that his campaign is carefully
promoting for candidate Brown. His past votes in the US Senate demonstrate
his lack of commitment to issues that are important in Massachusetts.

Patricia Commane
7 Hall Ave
Andover, MA