Friday, November 22, 2013

Governor Patrick's Holiday Party 2013

Please join Governor Deval & First Lady Diane Patrick for an evening of friends, festivities & holiday cheer at the annual Together PAC/Deval Patrick Committee Holiday Party.

Please join Governor Deval & First Lady Diane Patrick for an evening of friends, festivities & holiday cheer at the annual Together PAC/Deval Patrick Committee Holiday Party.

* 7:00pm, Thursday December 19th, 2013
* The Fairmont Copley Plaza
* The Oval Room
* 138 St. James Street, Boston, MA 02116

RSVP by ordering your tickets here.

Questions? Please email or call (857) 263-8410.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Join Raise Up Massachusetts for its Weekend of Action

As you may know, the Massachusetts Democratic Party is a strong supporter of Raise Up Massachusetts. The organization has been working hard to collect enough signatures to get two initiatives on the ballot for November 2014:  One to raise the minimum wage, and one to provide earned sick time for all Massachusetts workers.  We are emailing you to ask that, as Democratic supporters, you take action to help Raise Up Massachusetts gather signatures in the final week.

This upcoming weekend, 
November 16th and 17th, Raise Up MA is sponsoring Hometown Weekend of Action events in communities across the state. To organize an event, or see if one has already been planned in your area, please visit

These issues are at the core of Democratic values, as they protect the rights of working citizens and their families. Legislation such as this is long overdue. The facts speak for themselves. 

  • Over a million workers--almost one-third of the overall workforce--are at risk of losing the wages and jobs their families depend on if they stay home to take care of themselves or a sick child. 
  • Increasing the minimum wage would impact one in five workers in Massachusetts and give them financial stability to provide for their families.
  • Nearly half a million people are minimum or low wage workers.
  • Almost all of low wage workers still fall well below the federal poverty line despite working 40 or more hours per week.
  • One in five of low wage workers is a parent.
  • There are 277,000 kids in Massachusetts who have a parent making at or near the minimum wage.
The initiatives would help ensure thousands of low wage workers can afford basic necessities and would protect them from being fired for taking care of themselves or a loved one. Currently, over 150,000 signatures have been collected, including many of the state's political leaders. However, the deadline to submit a total of 226,000 signatures is November 20th, and we need all the help we can get to reach our goal.

To learn more about the importance of earned sick time and a higher minimum wage for Massachusetts workers, families, and communities, visit We thank you for your support. Fair employment practices are long overdue and within reach. Together we can improve the lives of workers across Massachusetts.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Bill Maher Live at Springfield Symphony Hall

On Sunday, October 27th, 2013 at 7:00pm, comedian Bill Maher will be performing at the Springfield Symphony Hall in Springfield, and the Massachusetts Democratic Party has a limited number of tickets available for this for one night only event.
For more information and to purchase tickets, please click here.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Happy Labor Day

Happy Labor Day from the Andover Democratic Town Committee.
Before you head out to a Labor Day Cookout, read about the history of Labor Day here. Thank a friend in organized labor today!

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Attorney General Martha Coakley's 60th Birthday Reception!

Wednesday, July 10th
Attorney General Martha Coakley's
60th Birthday Reception!
Boston Legal Seafood Harborside
270 Northern Avenue
Liberty Wharf
Boston, MA 02210
5:00p - 7:00p

Suggested Contributions
$125 $250 $500

For further information or to RSVP,
Please contact Lauren at or at (774) 219-4112

Please note corporate contributions are not permissible
Massachusetts state contribution limit is $500 per individual per calendar year.
PAC limit is $500 MA registered PACS only
Checks can be sent to Martha Coakley Committee,
Box 220, One State House Station
Boston MA 02133

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Bunker Hill Day Parade

Thank you to everyone who joined us and marched in Saturday's Pride Parade. It was wonderful to see so many of you, and I am deeply grateful for your time and enthusiastic support.

These parades are incredibly important to the neighborhoods and residents who participate in them. They are also great opportunities to reconnect with activists and friends who play important roles in the life of the community.

On Sunday, June 16, Team Grossman will be marching again. This time, we invite you to march with us in the Bunker Hill Day Parade. We'll be meeting in front of the police station at Hayes Square, located at 55 Bunker Hill Street in Charlestown.

If you can make it, please RSVP to my colleague DJ Napolitano at 617-967-2065 or

I look forward to seeing you on Sunday!
Best personal regards,
Steve Grossman

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Dem Doors Diaries

Democrats win when we organize precinct by precinct, knocking on our neighbor’s doors. Every weekend Democrats disperse around Massachusetts to make personal contacts with voters. Canvassers knock on hundreds of doors to discuss the issues that really matter. During the following week the Democratic Parties’ Coordinated Campaign gathers the thoughts of canvassers to tell the story of the campaign.

Canvassers are asked to write four paragraphs.

The first paragraph gives the background of who the canvasser is and where the canvass is taking place. Questions you may want to answer are, where is the canvass? How many times have you been canvassing before? Who was your partner for canvassing? How many people attended? Was this a regularly scheduled canvass? Who was the canvass directed at?

The second paragraph covers the pre-canvass meeting and the organizers of the day.
You may want to address whether there were any elected officials attending? Did the organizer give a motivational speech? How were you feeling before the canvass?

The third paragraph tells a specific story about the best door/interaction of the day.
How many doors did you knock on? How many Dem 1’s did you identify? What was the most interesting door of the day? What stuck with you most about that door?

The final paragraph is a place to reflect about the canvass, and discuss your expectations for future canvasses. How did you feel the day went overall? Did you feel that you had an impact? Will you canvass again?

Focusing on these stories with the theme of #DemDoors allows the excitement about canvassing to last beyond the weekend.  

Please send in the stories early in the week to

Monday, May 13, 2013

Gabriel Gomez's "Tax Loophole Of The Week"

Massachusetts Democratic Party Chair John Walsh's Statement
On Gabriel Gomez's "Tax Loophole Of The Week"

Boston, Massachusetts- Massachusetts Democratic Party Chair John Walsh today said Gabriel Gomez’s newest “tax loophole of the week" is one more reason why he needs to reveal exactly how much money he pocketed by exploiting an obscure "tax scam" to give himself a more than $280,000 scam tax break.

As detailed in today’s Boston Globe, Gomez declared carried interest on his financial disclosure form in March regarding his separation agreement from Advent International. This loophole is used by the wealthiest individuals in order for them to qualify for a lower effective tax rate.

This loophole comes on the heels of last week’s Boston Globe revelation of a $281,500 federal tax deduction Gomez received on his historic Cohasset home in 2005 because he pledged not to make any changes to the exterior of the home. According to Cohasset bylaws, Gomez was prohibited from making any alterations to his house, but still claimed one of the "Dirty Dozen" tax loopholes.

“Gabriel Gomez has taken advantage of every deeply buried tax loophole he can find to lower his tax rate below the rates of hard working Massachusetts families. He claims to be a new kind of Republican, but it is clear that Gomez walks in lockstep with the Republicans in Washington who fight to protect corporate tax loopholes for the wealthy and do whatever they can to protect the wealthy from paying their fair share of taxes. The money that people like Gabriel Gomez are pocketing at the average taxpayer’s expense is outrageous, especially when this money could be used to invest in education and infrastructure. Unless Gomez starts answering questions, we are left to continue investigating what could possibly be the next loophole of the week.” said Walsh.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Emerge Massachusetts' 2013 Bootcamp Program!

Are you a Democratic woman running for office this year?
Do you want to hone your campaign skills over just three days?
Apply for Emerge Massachusetts 2013 Boot Camp!
Emerge Massachusetts’ Boot Camp is an intensive three-day
program to give women the training they need to run and win this year.
Curriculum will cover campaign planning, public speaking, fundraising, and much more!
Thursday, May 30: 4:00pm – 8:30pm
Friday, May 31: 8:30am – 6:00pm
Saturday, June 1: 8:30am – 6:00pm
Boston, MA
This session, featuring high-level political consultants and trainers,
will give you the skills you need to run an effective campaign and win this year.

“Emerge Boot Camp added tremendous value to my campaign and to my growth as a candidate. Not only were the trainers were great, but I made amazing connections with the other participants”
– Eileen Duff, Governor’s Council, 2012 Boot Camp Graduate
Download the application at the link above and send materials to
Application Deadline: May 22
For more information: or 617.367.4930

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Last Day to Register to Vote for Primary

Tomorrow, April 10th, is the last day to register to vote in order to cast a ballot in the hotly contested Democratic Primary of the US Senate race on April 30th. Please make sure any new voters or new residents you know get themselves registered by the deadline! 

To be eligible, they must be at least 18 years old, a Massachusetts resident, and a US citizen.

Monday, March 11, 2013

A Working Model to End Family Homelessness

A Working Model to End Family Homelessness
By Timothy P. Murray

Massachusetts will be a stronger and better Commonwealth if all families have access to affordable housing. Stable housing options means more people are back on their feet, employed, and investing in our economy. As Chair of the Interagency Council on Housing and Homelessness, we are constantly pushing to decrease the number of homeless families in need of shelter. In the last three months, we have reduced the number of families who need shelter by more than 28% statewide.

In 2011, Governor Patrick and I worked closely with the legislature to implement housing reform, and began shifting some resources from supporting shelter to affordable housing and homelessness prevention. By providing critical services to families at the right time, we are now experiencing a positive trend with more families receiving the immediate assistance they need.

During the height of the Great Recession, an influx of federal stimulus funds bolstered programs like shelter diversion and rapid rehousing. Building from this successful model, our Administration established the HomeBASE program and recapitalized the Residential Assistance for Families in Transition (RAFT) program. Together, these two programs have targeted housing-based assistance for homeless and at-risk families. Since July 2012, HomeBASE has helped over 400 homeless families avoid shelter and another 1,300 families leave shelter and become housed. RAFT has prevented more than 2,150 families from becoming homeless in the first place. Additionally, we have increased resources for the Massachusetts Rental Voucher Program, adding approximately 700 vouchers targeted to provide homeless families with long-term housing stability.

Evidence clearly indicates that with a Housing First approach, we can reduce the long-term costs of ending homelessness and provide sustainability for families in need.

I recall my time working as a housing advocate at a non-profit agency in Framingham in 1991. I primarily assisted single women and their children who were either homeless or on the verge of becoming homeless. Some were already in shelters, others were living with friends or family, and our agency had a contract with the state to help these families find stable and affordable housing.

In one instance, I worked with a mother who had three young children and was at risk of eviction from her apartment because she owed back rent. With children at home, she worked as much as she could around their school schedule to earn enough to meet her monthly expenses, but it was challenging. We met almost weekly, filling out applications for affordable housing for nearly two years, while we did what we could to keep her family from becoming homeless. Her landlord was a decent man, and more than once he agreed to wait a few weeks for back rent owed, as she struggled to work as many hours as she could. During this time, I worked with her to navigate the tangled, and often disconnected array of public and private human service programs to find any assistance for her.

After a couple of years, I left that housing job and another advocate took over this family’s case. Then, sometime in 2005, when I was Mayor of Worcester, I got an email from this woman asking if I was the same Tim Murray who worked as her housing advocate in the 1990’s. When we reconnected, I learned the rest of her journey.

The housing agency continued to work with her and she was approved for a housing voucher, ending the constant threat of homelessness. Having stable housing marked a turning point for her family. She continued to work as many hours as possible and then enrolled in a community college. Next, she went on to Framingham State College (now University) and earned a degree, which helped her secure a full-time job. She no longer needed the housing voucher, and a few years later she bought her own home in an affordable housing neighborhood created through the Chapter 40B program. Today, she is still working hard and has put all three of her children through college.

Her story demonstrates that while maintenance of an emergency system is necessary, housing and support services can have the most lasting impact. Governor Patrick often describes our Administration’s efforts to help others by offering a “hand up, not a hand out.” We are taking that same approach as we take on the challenge of ending homelessness in Massachusetts. The progress we are making in partnership with legislators, advocates and providers is leading to more success stories. Although this work is arduous and complex, we will not be satisfied until all families in Massachusetts have access to the opportunity and stability that comes with an affordable place to call home.

As always, thank you for your support with this and other issues.


Tim Murray

Friday, March 8, 2013

Frequently asked questions about Ed Markey

Ed Markey has compiled a distinguished record of service as the Congressman from the 5th District in Massachusetts. Now that he is a candidate for the US Senate, it is important that he is introduced to all the voters in Massachusetts. Here are some frequently asked questions about Congressman Markey:
Ed Markey, Candidate for the US Senate

· As a Senator, Ed Markey will work to invest in opportunity for all Americans.
· Ed Markey believes in an innovation economy that will expand opportunity to entrepreneurs, innovators, educators, scientists and workers all across the country.
· Ed Markey believes Massachusetts is primed to lead the way, as we build on the gains President Obama and Democrats in Congress have made to jumpstart our economy. 

· Ed Markey is proudly pro-choice.
· We need someone like Ed Markey in the Senate who will stand up for women’s rights, especially now when extremist Republicans threaten to take away women’s access to affordable health care.
· Ed Markey will work with president Obama to guarantee women have access to preventive care, like birth control and cancer screenings.

· Ed Markey is passionate about issues affecting our environment.
· Markey has one of the strongest environmental records in Congress.
· Ed Markey is the candidate who will bring a green agenda to the Senate, by advancing legislation on global climate change, clean energy and green-tech jobs.

· Getting assault weapons off our streets will be a top priority for Ed Markey if elected to the U.S. Senate, and he’ll stand up to interest groups like the NRA.
· Ed Markey supports legislation to require background checks on all gun sales, ending the notorious “gun show” loophole. 

· In the Senate, Ed Markey will be a passionate voice to ensure equal rights for all Americans, no matter their sexual orientation or gender identity.
· Ed Markey has actively fought for marriage equality and has aggressively worked to end discrimination against the LGBT community.
· We can count on Ed Markey to work with Elizabeth Warren to ensure Massachusetts has two votes in the Senate for basic unalienable rights for the LGBT community. 

Q: Who is Ed Markey?
· Ed Markey is from Malden and has served the 5th Congressional District as its Congressman for 36 years.
· He's a passionate leader on issues such as growing our innovation economy and protecting our planet. He has worked to protect women’s rights and stand up for middle class families. He's an advocate for stronger gun laws and taking on the gun lobby.
· For example, in the Senate…
o Ed Markey will champion comprehensive energy and climate change legislation. That work will help cut carbon pollution and create jobs in the green energy sector.
o He always stands up for a woman’s right to choose and supports President Obama’s plan to improve women’s access to preventive care.
o Ed Markey will be a strong advocate for tougher gun laws. He wants to ban assault weapons, like the ones used in Newtown.
· He’s running so that Massachusetts will have two votes in the Senate, along with Elizabeth Warren, to help move President Obama’s agenda forward.

Q: Why should I vote for Ed Markey over Stephen Lynch?
· Massachusetts needs a senator who will work with President Obama and Elizabeth Warren to create solutions…
o On gun control. Ed Markey supports a ban on assault weapons.
o On women’s rights. Ed Markey is pro-choice, and he voted for Obamacare, which improves women’s access to birth control and cancer screenings.
o And on creating an innovation economy. Ed Markey will make sure Massachusetts continues to lead the nation in the high-tech, bio-tech and clean tech industries and job creation.
· Sending Ed Markey to the Senate means having a voice and a vote for the issues that matter most in Massachusetts. 

Q: What would be Ed Markey’s top priority in the Senate?
· Ed Markey always stands up for middle class families. He’ll take on special interests liken the gun lobby and big oil. And he'll help grow an innovation economy that will create jobs of and for the future.
· Ed Markey is a progressive voice on the issues that matter most to Massachusetts..

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Join Elizabeth Warren in Support of Jeff Merkley

Jeff Merkley wants consistent, across the board accountability, and he was a tireless advocate for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and for getting rid of tricks and traps hidden in the fine print of mortgages, credit cards and student loans. He fought to fix our housing market and he pushed for a strong Volcker rule to protect boring commercial banking from outrageous risks.
Taking on the big banks, corporate Super PACs and right-wing interest groups has made Jeff Merkley a big target in 2014. But if we get to work now, we can make sure Jeff can stand up to Karl Rove, the Koch Brothers, and everyone else lining up to defeat him. I know we can take those guys on and win because I've seen us do it before.
Donate now to help Jeff Merkley fight back in 2014. It will really make a difference – because we need him to keep making a difference.
Click here to donate.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Greater Boston Young Democrats to Present Award to Congressman Joe Kennedy III

BOSTON — The Greater Boston Young Democrats will present Rep. Joe Kennedy III with their second annual “Friend of GBYD Award” during a reception on Tuesday, February 19 at 6:30 p.m. at Back Bay Social Club, 867 Boylston St., Boston.

“The Congressman is an incredible young leader, and role model to our future leaders, which is exactly why Young Democrats of America, Young Democrats of Massachusetts, and our local chapter — the Greater Boston Young Democrats — worked so hard to see him elected,” said GBYD Chair Tina Stanton. 

Rep. Kennedy was elected to represent Massachusetts’ 4th Congressional district in 2012 on a platform of fairness working families and standing up for progressive values. He worked as an Assistant District Attorney for several years in Massachusetts before running for office.

“We look forward to recognizing Congressman Kennedy’s commitment to public service and dedication to advancing some of the issues that matter most to young people across Massachusetts, including job growth, innovation, energy independence, education and equality,” Stanton said.

State Treasurer Steve Grossman was the first person to receive this award in February 2012 in recognition for his role in founding the Young Democrats of Massachusetts and his ongoing commitment to empowering young people throughout his career.

Attendees are encouraged to reserve their tickets in advance at

WHAT: GBYD Victory 2013 Fundraiser Honoring Rep. Joe Kennedy III
WHO: Congressman Joe Kennedy III & Greater Boston Young Democrats
WHEN: Tuesday, February 19 at 6:30 p.m.
WHERE: Back Bay Social Club, 867 Boylston St., Boston
MEDIA CONTACT and RSVP: Kevin Gilnack, 860.918.6197

GBYD is the official local chapter of the Young Democrats of Massachusetts and Young Democrats of America.GBYD’s programming includes social, networking, advocacy, campaign, educational, and other events to help members connect with each other, learn about the issues that affect them, and change the shape of politics around Greater Boston and the Commonwealth.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Scott Brown Set to Announce Campaign to Slow Down President Obama’s Agenda

Scott Brown Set to Announce Campaign to Slow Down President Obama’s Agenda

Brown voted against key elements of President Obama’s first term agenda, now he’s aiming to do it all again

BOSTON – Former U.S. Senator Scott Brown appears to be ready to once again campaign for the chance to go to Washington and slow down the President’s agenda.

Last month, plugged-in Boston Republican operative and Republican National Committeeman Ron Kaufman admitted that sending Scott Brown back to Washington would benefit Republican plans to slow down President Obama’s second term agenda.

Speaking of “very, very angry" voters Kaufman said, “if they really want to slow down the president, this would be the way to do it."

If history is any guide, Kaufman is right. In nearly three years in the U.S. Senate, Scott Brown joined his fellow Republicans in key vote after key vote against legislation prioritized by President Obama:
  • Brown voted AGAINST President Obama’s American Jobs Act three times.
  • Brown voted AGAINST President Obama’s nomination of Massachusetts resident Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court.
  • Brown voted AGAINST equal pay for equal work legislation championed by President Obama.
  • Brown voted FOR a Republican budget plan that cut unemployment benefits and summer jobs programs for teenagers.
  • Brown for FOR the Blunt Amendment to President Obama’s Affordable Care Act to allow employers and insurance companies to deny women the health care choices they need.

Massachusetts voters have twice delivered overwhelming victories to President Obama. In 2012, Massachusetts voters endorsed President Obama’s agenda over that of our former governor by 23 points. Last November, Brown, who endorsed much of Mitt Romney’s platform, lost by 8 points to U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

“In his second inauguration speech, President Obama talked about climate change, gun safety, marriage equality and comprehensive immigration reform,” Massachusetts Democratic Party Chair John Walsh said. “Scott Brown disagrees with the President on all of those issues and if he gets back to Washington, he won’t do anything but slow down the President’s agenda.”

Monday, January 21, 2013

Massachusetts Democratic Party Chair John Walsh's Statement on President Obama's Second Inaugural Address

WASHINGTON, DC - Massachusetts Democratic Party Chair John Walsh released the following statement today after President Barack Obama gave his second inaugural address:

"President Obama told us today that 'our journey is not complete' as he spoke of principle and policy in his second inaugural address. The President urged us all to come together in a speech that cited the historical arc of our nation's journey to become a more perfect union as inspiration to solve the contemporary challenges we face like gun safety, immigration, climate change and LGBT equality."

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Massachusetts Democratic Party Chair John Walsh’s Statement on Lt. Gov. Tim Murray’s Decision Not to Run for Governor

BOSTON – Massachusetts Democratic Party Chair John Walsh released the following statement today after learning that Lt. Gov. Tim Murray will not run for governor:

“My friend Lt. Governor Tim Murray has served the people of the Commonwealth effectively and with a profound love for our state. I understand his decision and applaud his primary focus on his wife and wonderful daughters.

“Tim has been Gov. Patrick’s partner is moving the Commonwealth forward and leading us out of the Great Recession stronger and faster. It is the same kind of success he enjoyed as the mayor of Worcester, where he set the second largest city in New England on a path to the 21st century. I know he will continue to be an important part of leading us forward as a Commonwealth on so many issues and I’m glad for that.

“Politically, Tim’s decision throws the 2014 Democratic Primary field wide open. If he had decided to run, with the full support of Governor Patrick, Tim would have been a formidable entry in the field. With both the Governor’s and Lt. Gov’s offices now open in 2014, I’m looking forward to spirited primaries that will highlight the deep pool of talent in the Massachusetts Democratic Party. If our eventual nominees prove to be as good as Deval Patrick and Tim Murray, I’m confident of success.”