Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Dem Doors Diaries

Democrats win when we organize precinct by precinct, knocking on our neighbor’s doors. Every weekend Democrats disperse around Massachusetts to make personal contacts with voters. Canvassers knock on hundreds of doors to discuss the issues that really matter. During the following week the Democratic Parties’ Coordinated Campaign gathers the thoughts of canvassers to tell the story of the campaign.

Canvassers are asked to write four paragraphs.

The first paragraph gives the background of who the canvasser is and where the canvass is taking place. Questions you may want to answer are, where is the canvass? How many times have you been canvassing before? Who was your partner for canvassing? How many people attended? Was this a regularly scheduled canvass? Who was the canvass directed at?

The second paragraph covers the pre-canvass meeting and the organizers of the day.
You may want to address whether there were any elected officials attending? Did the organizer give a motivational speech? How were you feeling before the canvass?

The third paragraph tells a specific story about the best door/interaction of the day.
How many doors did you knock on? How many Dem 1’s did you identify? What was the most interesting door of the day? What stuck with you most about that door?

The final paragraph is a place to reflect about the canvass, and discuss your expectations for future canvasses. How did you feel the day went overall? Did you feel that you had an impact? Will you canvass again?

Focusing on these stories with the theme of #DemDoors allows the excitement about canvassing to last beyond the weekend.  

Please send in the stories early in the week to shooper@massdems.org.