Saturday, October 22, 2016

L'Italien was a leader in fight against Kinder Morgan pipeline

I write in support of Sen. Barbara L’Italien’s re-election. I worked very closely with Barbara and her staff during the almost two years that we were involved with the proposed Kinder Morgan Tennessee Gas pipeline.

Knowing that the proposed pipeline went right through her district, Barbara took the time to listen to her constituents in Andover, Tewksbury and Dracut to find out what impact it would have. The first Kinder Morgan open house in Andover was scheduled during a vacation week. Realizing that many people would not be able to attend the hearing, she rallied other legislators to ask that the meeting be rescheduled to a non-vacation date. It showed that she is willing to speak out to assure that citizens have an open process regarding activities that affect them.

Barbara recognized that one aspect of the proposed pipeline included a provision that would override Article 97 of the Massachusetts Constitution. This article protects open space that has been set aside for conservation. She spoke against overriding Article 97 at a Statehouse hearing. Many citizens were opposed to the pipeline because it would destroy natural habitats, degrade the quality of drinking water, rip up people’s backyards and endanger many of our residents who would be living near an extremely high-pressure pipeline.

After researching the facts, Barbara spoke out against its completion at public hearings and organized other legislators to be Intervenors.Barbara L’Italien works with and for her constituents. I encourage your readers to vote for Barbara L’Italien.

John Hess