Sunday, May 7, 2017

Message from Seth Moulton

Moments ago, we saw the very worst in Washington. The House’s partisan vote to pass TrumpCare showed a stunning lack of courage, unthinkable hypocrisy, and an abdication of responsibility to our constituents.

Never has the GOP acted with such little information to take so much away from so many to benefit so few. This is a tax cut for the wealthy paid for by the lives and welfare of working Americans. This is a vote that should forever stain their political careers.

You know where I stand. I’ll continue this fight every day because health care is – and always will be – a fundamental human right. And if my colleagues on the other side of the aisle want to propose changes that will actually help Americans live longer, healthier lives, I’m open to working with them. But right now, we need to carry on this fight to protect health care.

Thankfully, the battle is not over. It’s up to the Senate to stop TrumpCare from becoming law. And it is up to all of you to keep fighting.

Please sign up now to volunteer. Together, we can mobilize for the health care fight ahead, and ensure that voters remember this day in November 2018.