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The Andover Democratic Town Committee is committed to enhancing the communication, collaboration, and community involvement between Democrats within Andover as well as the Merrimack Valley.

The Andover Democratic Town Committee believes that government exists to ensure our security, to protect our freedoms, to strengthen individuals, families and communities and to enact social and economic justice for people in Andover, the Merrimack Valley, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the United States of America and the world. We are committed to electing Democrats in good standing to further these ideals in municipal, state and federal elections and to encourage promoting basic human rights and environmental protections throughout the world. We believe that the democratic process, for which our great political party has stood and fought for more than 200 years, is the best way to achieve these principals.

We are the local affiliate of the Massachusetts Democratic Party and the Democratic National Committee. We have 35 Full Members, who are elected every four years at the Massachusetts Presidential Primary, plus eight Lifetime Members. We also have numerous Associates and Friends. We meet approximately nine times a year and we have many great events and activities planned throughout any given year. All registered Andover Democrats are welcomed to join and participate in our committee.

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  1. My name is Liz King from Greater Boston Trade Justice. Our mission is to improve international trade, and we are now working especially to improve NAFTA.
    We’ll have a table at the Dem. Party convention on June 1,2, and look forward to seeing you.
    We have proposed an important resolution that demands that negotiators remove ISDS and provide enforceable labor and environmental provisions. We hope that you agree and that your delegates sign the delegate endorsement sheet when the opportunity arises, or at our table. Here it is:
    NAFTA Resolution for Dem State Convention
    Whereas NAFTA, North American Free Trade Agreement, is a trade agreement between USA, Canada and Mexico, enacted in 1994 and now being renegotiated: and
    Whereas NAFTA as it is now written shifts control from our democratically elected government to tribunals appointed by multinational corporations under the Investor State Dispute Settlement provision,ISDS, (chapter 11); and provides no protection against the abuse of this tribunal system and no appeal process; and
    Whereas NAFTA thereby endangers our regulations pertaining to product safety, worker rights, financial regulations and environmental protections; and
    Whereas the provisions of NAFTA for environmental protection and rights of workers are an unenforceable side agreement;
    Now therefore be it resolved, by the delegates at the Mass Democratic Party Convention held in Worcester on June 1, 2018 that we request that members of the Massachusetts Congressional delegation reject any trade agreement that does not meet these 3 conditions: 1. Elimination of ISDS, 2. Inclusion of string, enforceable labor standards and 3. Inclusion of strong, enforceable environmental standards.
    Thanks so much,
    Liz King bking32@aol.com